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We’re thrilled to have a compression garment that effectively targets the back and arms unlike any other! This is perfect under tight or thin tops and dresses

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Arm Compression Slimming Vest By Vedette 3133

The upper arms and back are a common target area for many women, but there are relatively few shapewear garments that meet that need. This sleeved shaper packs a powerful punch and effectively slims and firms the upper arms while smoothing out your back and underarm area. In other words, say goodbye to bra bulge for good!

Another perk to this upper body shaper is that it provides extra lift and support for your breasts, so you'll feel firm and secure. With its open-bust design, you can pair it with your favorite supportive bra while concealing the straps. This is the perfect foundation for your tight-fitting tops and dresses. And if you want added slimming and shaping anywhere else, this compression garment pairs easily with a number of other slimming garments that sit below the bust including waist trainers and shaping panties.


  • Effective slimming of the upper arms
  • Smooths out shoulders and back
  • Eliminates bra bulge
  • Conceals strap lines
  • Lifts the breasts


  • Hook and eye front closure
  • Open bust design
  • Half-length sleeves
  • Compression material for slimming and smoothing


Size Chart: Compare your measurements (in inches) on the size chart below to find the best size for you.

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